Diversity in Science Fiction

Last year I had the opportunity to illustrate all 6 covers of INTERZONE, the sci-fi magazine. Naturally I leaped at the chance to do so.

In the process I attempted to present a series on women from different cultural backgrounds, each with their own quirks, abilities and strengths. A lot gets said about diversity these days , and at times it may sound more like a PR exercise, but I hope I managed to bring something of value to the table here.


Celebrating ‘the end’ of an era. My contributor copy of THE EXTINCTION EVENT. A beautifully packaged, 600-odd paged hardcover anthology encased within a charcoal slipcase that documents Jurassic‘s greatest hits and some new ones as well. Thanx Jared and Anne for letting me be a part of this landmark event by contributing artwork to some of the greatest authors past and present.