Star Trek phaser.

My most recent props project for the holidays was to create a STAR TREK : TOS era  phaser. After weeks of gathering the various items from around the house to make this item, it finally all came together. I was initially going to go with the original color scheme of TOS, but than decided to use the coloration of the phaser as it appears in STAR TREK : DISCOVERY. I figured that as my phaser was not a direct replica, it could slot itself in between DISCOVERY and TOS.

Here is a list of found ingredients that went into its making:

  • Detergent Bottle
  • Pen Casing
  • Floppy Disk metallic part
  • Hose Pipe attachment
  • Hand sanitizer bottle
  • Sharpener Casing
  • Cable Ties
  • Bottom half handle of old Tennis Bat
  • Printer Cartridge part
  • Cassette Tape parts
  • TootpasteTop
  • Old Switch
  • Stand made from Door Stopper,Screw and Straw