2017 Oxford University Press Calendar

I recently had the opportunity to illustrate the 2017 Oxford University Press Calendar.

I always loved Science Fiction, but this particular gig gave me the opportunity to do something closer to the realm of reality in the form of space exploration. I did however had to take some artistic licence in order for the overall composition to work.

Shockheaded Peter

Der Struwwelpeter (1845) (or Shockheaded Peter) is a German children’s book by Heinrich Hoffmann. It comprises ten illustrated and rhymed stories, mostly about children. Each has a clear moral that demonstrates the disastrous consequences of misbehavior in an exaggerated way. The title of the first story provides the title of the whole book.

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ShockHeaded Peter

The End

Here is the final cover I did for INTERZONE. It forms part of the six covers I did for the 2016 run of issues. Will miss doing these.

The Orion Crusades- Infection is a follow up image to the first cover I did in the series also title The Orion Crusades.



The Damage Museum

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